Kathlyn Stone is a Twin Cities, Minnesota-based writer who has covered general news, and business, international trade, and health care news and policies for public and professional audiences. (For a portfolio of work go here.) 

She brings an insider’s understanding when covering government and politics, late-breaking science (especially that pertaining to neurological research), consumer health news, and public policy.  In addition to years of newspaper and magazine reporting, she has worked in media relations and communications for national non-profits, a state legislature, the business sector, and government agencies. Through these experiences Stone has developed a healthy skepticism of politicians, public relations practitioners and media organizations that put profit before truth. Experts – often unsung heroes among government or corporate staff, scientific researchers or passionate activists — who speak truthfully and knowingly about an issue, are top sources.

Stone is the publisher and editor of Flesh and Stone. 

Contributing writers

Sandy Sand began her writing career while raising three children and doing public relations work for Women's American ORT (Organization for Rehabilitation through Training). That led to a job as a reporter for the San Fernando Valley Chronicle, a weekly publication in Canoga Park, Calif. In conjunction with the Chronicle, she broadcast a tri-weekly, ten minute newscast for KGOE AM.

Following the closure of the Chronicle's doors (after serving the West Valley as a community newspaper for nearly 50 years), Sand became the editor of the Tolucan Times and Canyon Crier newspapers in Burbank. She is currently a guest columnist for the Los Angeles Daily News, and community correspondent and op-ed writer for ronkayela.com.

Ron Kaye is the former managing editor of the Los Angeles Daily News. Since retiring from that post he has become a community activist, helping to found the Saving LA Project and L.A. Clean Sweep in an effort to clean up corruption and sweet deals for developers that rule City Hall by finding candidates from the community to run against the entrenched political establishment. He writes on vital issues concerning Los Angeles, and is a frequent speaker at community groups on the need to get informed and involved in the effort to make L.A. a city of great schools and neighborhoods; a city with a healthy business climate and good jobs; a city where the people are respected and have a seat at the table of power. His Web site is http://www.ronkayela.com.

Mark Witton, PhD, is a paleontologist at the University of Portsmouth, UK. His illustrations and blog entries can be found on flickr.

Michael Collins writes about government and politics. His website is The Money Party.

K.J. Lansing - bio coming soon.

Jeff McCallum is a poet and author of Somebody's Bright Balloon, a collection of poems for cancer patients and cargegivers. He is a frequent contributor to Yale's Journal for Humanities in Medicine and Holistic Junction, an online journal and community. Born in the Yukon Territories, he left Canada for Minneapolis in 1964 when his actor father joined the Guthrie Theatre. A commercial building contractor and father of adult sons, McCallum is on the board of directors of the Mixed Blood Theatre, which for thirty years has been dedicated to “keeping the dream alive.”  McCallum maintains a web site here, and can be reached at jeff at wordstone dot net.

Michael Greelis, PhD, has an active private practice in Northern Virginia.  He treats both adolescents and adults with an emphasis on major mood disorders and trauma.  Dr. Greelis received his PhD from George Mason University and is both a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  In addition to his private practice, Greelis taught for seven years as an instructor, adjunct faculty, at the George Mason University Graduate School Counseling program.  He's also served as a faculty member for a major trauma certification program.


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