Decline and Fall (Probably) Mini Update

Michael Collins

Wednesday was a bad day for a tyrant and the oligarchs

Is this the end of Rico? It looks like Muammar Qaddafi’s time is up in Libya. Where will he go? Geoduck asked. His former interior minister had an efficient suggestion – “please end you life.” (Image)

Koch Brother’s front man Gov. Scott Walker (R) of Wisconsin got punked by a prank caller who said he was right-wing money man David Koch. The conversation is an utter embarrassment. Walker revealed his inner slimy guy. He gave up the name of one Democrat with whom he had back channel talks and his dirty tricks planned for unions.

Indiana Gov. (and presidential wannabe) Mitch Daniels (R) backed away from Wisconsin look-alike anti-union legislation to lure back Democratic legislators who fled the capital like their brothers did in Wisconsin, thus shutting down the legislature.  The Indiana Deputy AG was fired amidst allegations he would “use live amunition” on pro union demonstrators.

It was a bad day for a major tyrant, our home grown oligarchs, and their minions.